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Concrete Cutting for Home Alteration

There are various types of concrete cutting in San Diego processes. At times, concrete should be removed from the built and this requires various methods of cutting out concrete. With some basic knowledge, the homeowner can find out the best service that will be required for a safe and effective cutting of concrete. The cutting includes several mechanisms and the most commonly used is sawing, eliminating and drilling of the concrete. This requires special saw, which has blades that have diamonds embedded in them. It is a job that requires a lot of skill and experience, hence should be taken up only by professionals. New and much more effective methods are being used like water being instilled so that the amount of dust released is minimized. It also gives a better finish.

Types of Concrete Cutting Methodologies

There are various kinds of methods and equipment for cutting concrete and these include core drilling, flat or slab swing and wall sawing.

Core Drilling: The process of drilling holes through the walls and floors of concrete helps making a perfectly round hole. The size of the hole for homes usually ranges between 1 and 12 inches. In contrast to this, commercial applications might require holes starting from 60 inches and above. The holes that are used in commercial applications are mostly for utility purposes. These might be for electrical heating, plumbing, venting furnaces and clothes dryers. Core drilling is performed by amateurs in tool rental stores, although this can be handled by professionals to provide more perfection with a nominal service charge. This method is often used for concrete cutting of flat and horizontal surfaces such as floors and pavements or ceilings etc.

The cutting process requires use of saws that have diamond blades of different sizes mounted on them. You can cut up to a depth of 30 inches, although for home alterations, you may not need a depth more than 6 inches usually. The process is also done for the repair of damaged water pipes or broken sewerage lines. The demolition of walkway, driveway or elimination of unwanted construction may call for slab sawing. It is also necessary for landscaping in which a part of concrete structure needs to be demolished and altered. If your basement requires additional washroom slab sawing, you can make use of the cutting technique. Concrete cutting is also applied in adding additional plumbing lines.

Wall Sawing: This process helps in cutting openings in concrete walls up to 12 to 24 inches and may be applicable for windows and doors. The saw here is attached to a track on the wall, which is being cut. The diamond blade that is required for the purpose has a diameter of minimum 30 inches. The cutting might be required for the elimination of concrete foundations, reduction of the existing elevation of the concrete foundations and more. Home owners might require adding connecting doors between rooms or a window to be installed, which all require elimination of concrete structures in which wall sawing is the need. This procedure of concrete cutting in San Diego requires skilled professionals to do it since the work demands a neat finish and also not creating too much of dust and mess for you.

This is why it is always advisable that the cutting of concrete should be given away to professional contractors as they possess a lot of experience and skill for achieving the desired results.

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