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Concrete coring in Los Angeles is the process of drilling precise holes through concrete walls, floors as well as many other concrete structures.Concrete coring is the most commonly recognized use of any diamond-tipped concrete cutting tool. Concrete core drills also known as core rigs can be operated with limitless orientation, vertical, horizontal and even upside down thru ceilings. Our drill bits consist of a steel tube with diamond segments brazed or laser
welded on the drilling end.

Quality concrete core drills are attached to a secured stand on a wall or floor with a concrete anchor and a bolt. There are also concrete core drills that use vacuum pressure to attach to a floor. Likewise, there are many different types of hand held core drills. Concrete core drill bits can range in diameter from half an inch to seventy-two inches in diameter and drilling depths are close to unlimited due to the use of extensions. A completely solid and cylindrical boulder or core of concrete is removed from the hole after the drilling is complete.

Although concrete core drilling has little to no restrictions it is most commonly used for what’s known as utility penetrations. ( i.e. drilling to make telephone poles, electrical, pluming, etc.) Concrete coring also enables concrete buildings to be readily available for sprinkler systems, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning ducts, as well as fiber optics, phone lines, computer lines, and much more. Core drilling operations are used abundantly in underground utilities construction, most often, manhole taps, underground vault taps, and anywhere sewer, water, steam, air or communication lines pass through a concrete or brick structure. The two most effective tools for these operations are the Gang Drill and the
EZ Drill.

Our capabilities do not end there; Diamond Wall Sawing is another important capability we possess. This is usually when a hotel or large building needs to ad another wing, or anytime a large pre-existing building needs a major demolition or addition. With the use of diamond tips this becomes a relatively clean and non-percussive way of accomplishing sawing maneuvers. Depending upon the situation, diamond-tipped blades can be placed in different power units to establish efficient diamond wall sawing. This can be performed with diamond covered wire or blades in surfaces that are usually quite
problematic for sawing; such as concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, and all types of stone.

With the recent motorized system of guided wheels improving both efficiency and power, the exercise of diamond wire sawing has become increasingly easier. Concrete Coring Company has all the experience necessary to cut heavily reinforced concrete, solid steel and even rock. The precise quality of cuts resulting from diamond wire sawing makes it the method of choice for many demolition project.

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