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Concrete Coring, Concrete Cutting and Core Drilling Ventura

Concrete Coring in Ventura is growing quite quickly in order to accommodate all kinds of new technologies and additions. For years at Concrete Coring Company in Ventura we have been doing everything within our grasp to provide the highest quality costumer service along side of the immense amount of pride we take in making sure every aspect of every job is done as perfectly as is feasible. Our technology is up the with the finest in the business which enables us to accomplish any job, no matter how big or small. We employ the use of the EZ drill and the Gang Drill most often due to their extremely high quality and efficiency

Concrete Coring – Diamond Core Drilling is dust-free, quiet and capable of slicing right through steel reinforcing rods with little to no difficulty. Unlike rotary percussion tools, there are no vibrations when core drilling therefore no structural damage occurs because reinforcing rods are not loosened.

Concrete Sawing – This is mainly is focused with sawing of concrete by diamond-tipped wire or blade. Before doing this, many calculations take place in order for smooth operation, which any novice or amateur may not be able to carry out. We are also able to perform sawing on steel-reinforced concrete or pre-cast concrete.

Wall Sawing – The sawing of concrete vertically is one of the latest strategies in the field of concrete cutting. The cutting of openings in concrete walls with diamond tools causes no damage to the structure, requires zero patching, and is dust free. The leisure of sawing and completely removing multiple openings in a single day cannot be done with any other method.

Rock Drilling – We can easily cut right through any rock and remove them, any type of well drilling or drilling through a quarry is one hundred percent possible with us

Wire Sawing – Most often necessary on large scale operations. The job is completed in less time and with less men required by conventional methods. Conventional methods use jack hammers, hoe-rams, and other old, slow, and noisy tools. Our diamond wire saw, However, creates little to no noise, no dust, and most importantly does not weaken surrounding structures

We have very adequate and intelligent operators skilled in all aspects of sawing and drilling concrete in Ventura. All our customers have come to expect only the best from our operators over the years. We will do anything and everything our costumers require and even go a step beyond expectations. For any needs of core drilling ventura and concrete coring in Ventura you can rest assured that we are the correct choice to make.

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