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Concrete coring, also known as concrete core drilling and is the mechanical process associated with drilling of perfect circular holes in any of the concrete structures, walls and floors. More specifically for this purpose diamond core cutting equipment is used. With the help of these tools, professional drillers drill round holes on concrete surfaces. As a result of the drilling process, lots of concrete’s slug is formed which is removed from the drilled hole.

In most cases around the home, concrete drilling is done to assist in electrical wiring, plumbing heating and other aesthetic uses. Industrial concrete drilling or large scale concrete coring is done when making paths for sewer lines, water pipes, gas pipes, steam pipes, phone lines, optical fiber lines, computer lines especially in large cities and towns. Concrete coring is also done to aid construction of manhole taps, vault taps, HVAC ducts, sprinkler systems, etc.

It is difficult to carry out concrete coring on some surfaces and sometimes one may need larger holes than the drill pin on a surface for this reasons a technique called line drilling or line coring is used. In line coring subsequent drilling is done on at the marked point so that the holes drilled overlap each other. Usually line drilling is used when one needs to drill circular or rectangular shapes on a concrete surface.

The tools available at San Diego concrete coring stores are usually composed of steel tube with diamond segments welded to the drilling end of the tube. The drill is put on a stand which is anchored to the floor or wall and the core of the drill is usually mounted on a high power rotating shaft. However, some concrete drills implement a vacuum pressure technique that ensures that the drill sticks to the floor or the wall surface. Such drills can be used in any direction horizontal, vertical or even as upside down to drill through the ceiling. There are many portable hand held drills available in the market today and they use electricity, gasoline, hydraulic or air power as power sources.  At concrete coring San Diego stores concrete drill bits are available in various sizes ranging from half inch diameter to 72 inches according to the depth and diameter of hole required.  The core drilling process is followed by removal of slug of concrete from the drilled hole.

Though it is not recommended, but you can also perform core drilling yourself instead of consulting a professional at San Diego concrete coring stores. The equipment required is readily available in your nearby market. And if you’re seeking some professional help, the driller will charge you around $250 to drill a hole. For a professional, this task will take around 10 minutes for successful completion, but if you are planning to do it yourself, as a novice it might even take your full day. So it is best to seek professional help  for concrete coring San Diego stores

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