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Concrete Coring in Lancaster

Concrete Coring in Lancaster is growing quite quickly in order to accommodate all kinds of new technologies and additions. For years at Concrete Coring Company we have been doing everything within our grasp to provide the highest quality costumer service along side of the immense amount of pride we take in making sure every aspect of every job is done as perfectly as feasible. Our technology is up the with the finest in the business which enables us to accomplish any job, no matter how big or small. We often employ the use of the EZ drill and the Gang Drill due to their extremely high quality and efficiency.

Our services do not stop at simple concrete sawing and coring, they are as follows:

Rock Drilling – We can cut through any stone to make way for any type of construction, we have no need to “go around”. Often times companies find themselves literally between a rock and a hard place while to place new telephone poles, new foundations, trying to make way for a new basement, this is easily done with our drilling capabilities.

Wall Sawing – The track-mounted wall saw is a quick, clean method of creating larger openings. Wall or track saws need a circular diamond-tipped blade atop a track-mounted machine. The track is connected to horizontal walls or steep tilts that will not allow the proper function of floor saws, hence the necessity of the saws. It’s usually specified to cut precise functional holes such as dimensional doors, vents and also window openings. It’s an great choice for creating perfectly measured openings in any concrete structure.

Wire Sawing – This is perfect for getting rid of large sections of heavily reinforced concrete, such as piers, towers and bridge sections. Also cutting concrete in areas where workspace is restricted. Wire saws are diamond-covered wire fed through a series of pulleys to produce a cutting facility to handle any depth or shape of concrete structure with zero vibration, noise, and dust. Since almost no concrete structure or cross-section is too large to cut, this method is primarily used when other cutting methods are impractical.

With the recent motorized system of guided wheels improving both efficiency and power, the exercise of diamond wire sawing has become increasingly easier. Concrete Coring Company has all the experience necessary to cut heavily reinforced concrete, solid steel and even rock. The precise quality of cuts resulting from this method makes it the choice for many demolition projects.

With our capabilities all factions of demolition are easily done and we’d be happy to do it, to learn more about concrete coring in Lancaster please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you with any and all of your needs.

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