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More Information on Concrete Cutting

To proceed with concrete cutting in Newport Beach, you need to take the service of a professional. There are various cutting contractors there around and you need to select the best provider for assured and desired results. For large-scale cutting, you need a wet concrete saw as well as laser-welded diamond concrete saw blades. The concrete cutter may be a handheld cutoff saw, or a walk behind saw or any other similar type. The diameter of the laser welded blade is generally 300 mm or 12 cm. The blades and the saw may be purchased or rented. Here are some steps to be followed:

Identify the Concrete Area You Will Cut: There are various types of concrete cutting requirements that can be accomplished with various kinds of diamond blades. Some concrete has steel bars that are also known as reinforced concrete for which special types of blades are available. While fresh or green concrete is abrasive, cured or old concrete is tougher. The diamond blades are usually designed differently for cutting fresh concrete and cured as well as set concrete. Since hard aggregates are dulling on the diamond, make sure that the bond of the blade is softer to allow new diamonds to be exposed easily. Smaller aggregate wears out the blade faster than the larger ones.

Choose the Right Diamond Blades: Although the silver brazed diamond blades were widely used in wet concrete cutting previously, this has been replaced now by laser welded diamond blades, which are firmer and yield high performance. You must check the diameter of the diamond blades that the saw can accommodate, the horsepower of the concrete saw, and the diamond segments which are being used. This will allow you to fix on the size of the arbor hole and the diameter of the blade.

Estimate Wet or Dry Cutting: Concrete is usually cut with the help of water in wet cutting. Cutting with a significant amount of water can reduce dust and also keep the diamond blade cool, which further adds to extending its lifespan. It also enhances the efficiency of the cut as wet concrete cutting can be continuous and deep. However, in the absence of a water source, you need to switch to dry cutting which needs to be shallow and intermittent.

Wear Sufficient Protective Equipment: You need to wear professional respirators in dry as well as wet cutting as the small dust particles which are created during cutting of concrete can get deep down inside your lungs and cause severe health issues like silicosis or even lung cancer. In case of a large scale project, other safety equipment such as earplugs, goggles and preventive clothing should also be worn.

Previously Mark a Shallow Straight Line on Concrete: In order to make the cut straight, you might use a chalk for marking out a straight line on the concrete and place a straight wooden board along that line is necessary. Once that is done, cut a shallow line on the surface of the concrete beside the wooden board. This part of the concrete cutting in Newport Beach can be a quarter of an inch deep. Once this straight cut is created, you can go for additional cuttings along the board to acquire the desired cut and finish.

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