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Concrete Coring in Paramount consists of a multitude of Residential as well as Commercial Services. Concrete core drilling is the process of drilling perfectly circular holes through concrete walls, floors, and almost any kind of concrete structure. We control the sawing, drilling and removal of concrete performed by skilled operators using special saws that use diamond impregnated blades. Unlike using the good ole jackhammer, modern concrete cutting leaves a smooth attractive finish and makes almost no mess at all.

Although concrete core drilling has little to no restrictions it is most commonly used for what’s known as utility penetrations. ( i.e. drilling to make telephone poles, electrical, pluming, etc.) Concrete coring also enables concrete buildings to be readily available for sprinkler systems, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning ducts, as well as fiber optics, phone lines, computer lines, and much more. Core drilling operations are used abundantly in underground utilities construction, most often, manhole taps, underground vault taps, and anywhere sewer, water, steam, air or communication lines pass through a concrete or brick structure. The two most effective tools for these operations are the Gang Drill and the EZ Drill.

Our capabilities do not end there; Diamond Wall Sawing is another important capability we posses. This is usually when a hotel or large building needs to ad another wing, or anytime a large pre-existing building needs major demolition or addition. With the use of diamond tips this becomes a relatively quiet and non-percussive way of accomplishing sawing maneuvers. Depending upon the situation, diamond-tipped blades can be placed in different power units to establish efficient diamond wall sawing. This can be performed with diamond covered wire or blades in surfaces that are usually quite problematic for sawing; such as concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, and all types of stone.

Our most favorable tools to use are the EZ drill and the Gang drill, the ladder of the two is a drilling machine having a number of separately driven vertical spindles in a row, its basically a multi-head drill secured to a common framework for joint rotation therewith. The former is a mobile drill used for smaller drilling operations, its quick set up enables the job to be performed at a very speedy rate.

Information on concrete coring in Paramount may be hard to come by. Here at Concrete Coring Company we can handle any and all concrete cutting & drilling operations so please don’t hesitate to give us a call for any further questions.

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